PARTRIDGE HOLLOW CAMPING AREA                                            





    Tired of the rat race? Tired of the fast paced merry-go-round? Tired of the party scene? Have the desire to find a place to take the stress out of your life, kick your shoes off, sit back and know what relaxing is about? Need to find the time to reconnect with your spouse/kids again?

   Then Partridge Hollow Camping Area  is just what you are looking for. Surrounded by the Brimfield State Forest, we offer you a laid back quiet atmosphere in the middle of some of the most beautiful scenery in New England. We are a clean, quiet family oriented  campground that believes in reconnecting with the old-fashioned style of spending time with each other - not running in different directions all the time. Come back to the simple times in life, enjoy the outdoors and clean air while spending time with the ones who matter the most.......YOUR FAMILY.  We offer daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal rates.        


Partridge Hollow Camping Area

72 Sutcliffe Road -  P.O. Box 41

Monson, MA 01057


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